Pet clinical trial participation
1. Prior to visiting this website, were you aware of clinical trials for companion animals?

2. If you were aware of animal clinical trials, how did you learn about them?

  Your regular veterinarian  Magazines/Newspaper 
  Your veterinary oncologist  Television 
  Online  Radio 
  Friends  Other 
3. If your companion animal was diagnosed with cancer, would you consider enrolling in a clinical trial?

4. What is the main reason that would prevent you from enrolling your pet in a clinical trial?

  Side effects of treatment
  Cost of treatment
  Time/schedule limitations
  Lack of information of clinical trials
5. If your pet was diagnosed with cancer, how much could you afford to pay for its treatment.

$0-1,000  $4,001-$5,000 
$1,001-2,000  $5,001-6,000 
$2,001-3,000  more than $6,001